About Us

BIAG MEDIA GROUP is a family of several local print and online media issued across the Northern part of Bulgaria.

 After over 20 years in the business, we benefit from both a strong historical background and innovative approach. We strive to arm local communities with up-to-date information and insight into everyday political, social, business, and cultural matters.


BIAG MEDIA GROUP is a member of the Union of Publishers in Bulgaria (UPB) and the Bulgarian Association of Regional Media (BARM).


Our team of professionals adheres to the Code of Ethics of Bulgarian Media.


Print publications:

- BRIAG (Ruse)

- POSOKI (Pleven)


- Niva (Biala, Ruse)



- www.briag.bg

- www.posoki.com

- www.silistra.briag.bg

- www.newsglas.bg

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